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Last week, it was Janet from Brisbane who netted a cool £3.3 million dollars on Mega Moolah!

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Karen Greenwall
I saw this on the news. I heard they made 3 new millionaires already!

Tim West
The timing of this couldn't be better. Me and my wife are struggling and this could be our answer.

Charles Wong
omg I won £200!!!

Naiomi Marie
My brother works in the Casino industry and says these are some of the best odds around :)

Krissy Brooke
I got the 200 free spins and actually turned that into this!! Can't believe this is happening. Time to go shopping!

Lexi Benz
Guys is this legit?? Why would they do this??

Tobias Rafton
@Lexi who cares lol. I just made £73 quid

Lilly Hummings
didn't win :( better luck next time I guess

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